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We created this site because  we have been inspired by all of the experiences we’ve had traveling through different college towns, tailgating before our favorite sporting events, working long days in the office and perusing the night-life in cities across America. Throughout all of these stories there is always one thing in common, no matter the rhyme or reason Guys say and do inappropriate things. When combining That Guys’ actions with bad timing it forms the special recipe for a moment where That Guy shows his true colors. We are here to share in that moment.

Now we are not intending to use this as a platform to drive towards some sort of warped utopia or an anti-male society, because we ourselves are guys. However guy, Guy and girl alike can all agree that these moments, when That Guy shows up in the office or at a party, are certainly not helping us progress as a society. Therefore as a favor to our fellow men and women, we call upon you to share these moments in an effort to humiliate That Guy and deter him from future like behavior.